1.1 Mission statement

The Iowa Capitol Press Association exists to promote and support robust coverage of Iowa state government for the benefit of the public, and to advocate for policies that encourage transparency, access, and for conditions in which press corps members can conduct their work safely and effectively.

2.1 Membership

Membership is available to any individual print, radio, television, wire service or Internet reporter, or photo or video journalist, who regularly produces original reporting on the Iowa Legislature and/or Iowa state government.

Membership is not available to registered lobbyists, or to any elected official or candidate for office, or anyone who produces content for an organization whose primary function is to advocate, lobby, or otherwise influence legislative, executive or judicial decisions. Membership is not available to anyone who has been paid in the past two years to work for a political party or political candidate. Membership is not available to anyone who has been paid in the past two years to work for a political action committee, as defined by the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board or the Federal Election Commission.

2.2 Accepting new members

New members are accepted by the executive committee. If the executive committee feels an individual's qualifications are in doubt, the current membership will vote on the individual's proposed membership. The individual shall be granted membership if a simple majority of ICPA members who vote vote to accept the new member.

2.3 Removing members

The ICPA shall have the authority to remove any member who fails to meet or maintain membership requirements. The ICPA executive committee shall notify such members in writing that the executive committee believes the member no longer meets membership requirements. If the member disagrees, they may request within 30 days of the notification being sent an opportunity to speak at a meeting of ICPA members and/or a vote on whether they should be removed from the group. If the member in question requests a vote on their removal, the ICPA shall hold a vote within 30 days of the request and shall remove the member if agreed to by a simple majority vote of members who vote. If the member fails to respond within 30 days of the notification being sent, the ICPA executive committee shall remove the member from the ICPA.

3.1 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of three members:


Vice President


The Executive Committee shall not include two or more members employed by the same news organization. The ICPA shall endeavor to elect Executive Committee members who each represent a different medium.

3.2 Election of Executive Committee Members

ICPA members will hold an election every two years to fill vacant positions. The executive committee shall set the election in November of odd-numbered years by the Friday before Thanksgiving. Nominations for vacancies are due one week before the election date.

The presiding officer shall distribute all nominations to all members at least three days prior to the date set for the election. Officers will be elected by secret ballot. The presiding officer shall distribute the ballots to the members. Candidates who receive a simple majority of votes from members who voted shall be declared the winners.

The presiding officer shall appoint an ICPA member who is not a member of the Executive Committee or a candidate to collect the ballots and announce the results to ICPA members.

3.3 Executive Committee Terms

Officers holding the office of President, Vice President and Secretary will each hold two-year terms that shall expire the day after the election is held.

3.4 The line of succession and peaceful transition of power

In the event of a vacancy on the executive committee, the vice president shall become president, and the secretary shall become vice president. The executive committee shall call an election for secretary to be held as soon as practicable.

The transition of power shall be conducted peacefully.

3.5 Executive Committee Duties

The ICPA president shall be responsible for the following:

Select the date, time and place of ICPA regular meetings.

Select the date, time and place of the ICPA annual meeting.

Notify ICPA members electronically of ICPA meetings, including the annual meeting, with as much advance notice as possible in each circumstance.

Provide agendas for regular and annual meetings to ICPA members electronically with as much advance notice as possible.

Serve as the presiding officer of ICPA meetings.

Appoint a temporary replacement for the Vice President and/or Secretary if another officer/officers are not present at the annual or regular meetings of the ICPA.

Conduct ICPA elections as outlined in Section 3.2.

Pursue the group’s mission as its primary advocate and consult with and/or notify ICPA membership, when possible, before speaking on behalf of the group.

Maintain the ICPA email account and Twitter account. When posting on social media via the ICPA Twitter account, the president shall use standard social media principles generally followed by nonpartisan journalists. The ICPA email and Twitter accounts shall only be used for ICPA business and to advance the interests of the ICPA.

Appoint a three-member Bylaws Review Committee in October of each odd-numbered year.

The ICPA Vice President shall be responsible for the following:

Assume the president’s duties in the event the president is temporarily or permanently unable to serve.

Serve as the conservator of the ICPA’s historical records.

Maintain digital copies of each elected slate of officers.

Maintain digital copies of ICPA minutes.

Assist other members of the Executive Committee, when designated and appropriate.

The ICPA Secretary shall be responsible for the following:

Record official minutes of all ICPA meetings.

Distribute minutes electronically to ICPA members within 48 hours of a meeting’s conclusion.

Maintain the list of ICPA members and relevant contact information for the efficient conduct of ICPA business.

In the temporary or permanent absence of the Vice President, assume the duties of that office.

Assist other members of the Executive Committee, when designated and appropriate.

4.1 Meeting schedule

The full membership of the ICPA shall meet at least four times each year, including at least once during the legislative session, and once in November before the Friday that precedes Thanksgiving.

The executive committee may also schedule additional meetings of the full membership any time.

Members of the Executive Committee may meet periodically to conduct ICPA business.

The full membership will be notified of Executive Committee meetings and may attend.

The Secretary will provide minutes to the full membership of any Executive Committee meeting.

No Executive Committee meeting shall be held in secret.

At least five members of the ICPA may co-sign a petition directing the Executive Committee to schedule a meeting of the full membership at any time.

5.1 Bylaws

Changes to the bylaws will be approved by a simple majority of members who vote.

The president in October of odd numbered years will appoint a Bylaws Review Committee to review the bylaws and recommend any changes at the ICPA annual meeting in November.

The Bylaws Review Committee shall consist of three ICPA members, including at least two members who are not part of the ICPA Executive Committee.

At least five members of the ICPA may co-sign a petition proposing amendments to the bylaws at any time. The ICPA shall then hold a meeting at which changes to the bylaws may be adopted by a simple majority of members who vote.

6.1 Voting

All voting shall be conducted electronically to allow for remote voting. A 48-hour voting window shall be established for all votes taken by the ICPA membership.